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I love to read, scrapbook, sleep, canoe, and hang out. My absolute favorite thing to drink is sweet peach tea from Sonic, and I could eat Mexican food every day. I have five cats, one son, and two beautiful and adorable and intelligent granddaughters.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


March 26, 2018

So...people keep asking me how I'm enjoying retirement. They don't say, "How is retirement?" They say, "How are you enjoying retirement?" Why do people assume that we will enjoy retirement?  Don'y get me wrong...I LOVE IT!  Still it's an interesting distinction, I think.  Maybe people ask how I'm enjoying it because they imagine how they will enjoy their own, or maybe they hate their jobs and yearn for when they no longer have to put up with them.  I don't know.  My son is so funny, though.  In one breath he says that he can't wait to be retired (he's only 34), and in the other breath, he says that he couldn't stand to just sit around all day.  I quickly explain that I don't just sit around all day.  Certain obligations continue until death, I suppose...cleaning, laundry, yard work.  In addition to those, I can  now stay up as late as I want and get up when I want.  I have time to do all the reading, sewing, and paper crafting that I want.  I can visit and travel, or I can just sit on the front porch with my coffee, cats, and dogs and just chill.  It's a wonderful life, and I praise God for it. And I've had time to start painting again.

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