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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Joy of Grandgirls

Granddaughters...one of my great joys.  I have two; one is five, and the other is seven.  I was there when they were both born. Miss J was the first, and when her daddy (my son) carried her out of the delivery room...I couldn’t breathe.  She will always have a certain kind of specialness because she is first.  When Miss J looks at you with her green eyes, they seem much older and wiser than they should be.  She is perceptive and intelligent beyond that of most seven-year-olds, and talking with her is many times like talking to an adult. An overheard at the Weisenhaus conversation...
The little J Dub just came in here and said, "I'm writing a no meat clause into this family...I shall never eat meat again. Not ever," and then she left.  And I wondered: Why the devil does my five year old know how to use the word clause in a sentence?

I can’t wait to see what she does with her life.  She goes back and forth on her career choices.  One day she will be a paleontologist, one day a zoologist, and one day a pet shop owner.  It will almost certainly be something to do with animals.

Miss H, the second one, is also amazing...sharp, funny wit, good story teller.  She is the perfect blue-eyed, blond-haired Nordic princess. Her favorite color is pink (a princess color, of course), and she is currently planning to be a famous singer when she grows up.  She loves to sing. She dances and twirls and is almost never still. She calls herself “an amazing child.”  An example of a conversation overheard at the Weisenhaus...
H: Do you think my sparkly shirt will impress my teacher?
Jessica: I think your teacher is already impressed and it has nothing to do with your clothes.
H: Well......I AM a child of many talents.

These girls are incredibly funny...or at least they are to all of us.  Another example of a conversation overheard at the Weisenhaus...
J: OK, you be the zoologist and I will be the pet store owner.   
H: OK....ummmm...the snake is sick! She needs a steak, some guacamole, a lemon and a tattoo! SNAT!   
J: Wait, wait! What does snat mean?  
H: It means in a hurry, and also a snack for snakes.   
J: Alright....ummm...you be the store owner and I'll be the zoologist.

I thank God every day for giving me the privilege off being with these girls and for being able to a part of their lives.  Who knew being a “mim” would be so much fun?

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