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I love to read, scrapbook, sleep, canoe, and hang out. My absolute favorite thing to drink is sweet peach tea from Sonic, and I could eat Mexican food every day. I have five cats, one son, and two beautiful and adorable and intelligent granddaughters.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Spring is officially here!  WooHoo!  And now that daylight savings time is once again here (which let me state FOR THE RECORD that I HATE for a whole host of reasons!) I’m sleeping even less than usual.  I don’t sleep much anyway.  I mean, as I type this, it’s 1:40 in the morning.  Just having that extra hour of daylight makes me want to stay up even later.  I really meant it when I “WooHooed” about spring being here because it is my favorite season, but I do want to sleep some in every 24 hour period.
    Instead, I find myself rearranging my craft room or reading or piddling on the computer.  I could at least be outside howling at the moon, which my grandgirls and I have actually done several times just to get all the dogs in the neighborhood howling.  TeeHee.  But whatever happened to sleeping?  I love to sleep, I love my nice comfy bed, I love snuggling with my cats, but going to bed early seems to elude me.  There is just so much that I want to do and there is so much that I am interested in that I can’t seem to get it all in before I finally collapse into the bed each day.  I just love to come home at the end of a work day and start fooling with all the things around here that I love to fool with.
    All of which reminds me...how can anyone ever say that they are bored?  I don’t remember very many times while at home that I’ve ever been bored.  Oh yeah, I’ve been bored at other places, in meetings, sometimes at church, out and about, but never at home.  I guess that comes from having created a home that is a sanctuary, a refuge, a fortress from the outside world.  In that regard, I’m indeed blessed.  I’m safe, I’m warm, I’m dry, I have food to eat, air conditioning when it’s hot and heat when it’s cold.  I have cats to pet, crafts to do, books to read, tv to watch, a computer to play on, flowers to pick, acres to stroll on, and neighbors to visit with.  My mom is nearby to drink coffee with, and oh yeah, I have a bed to sleep in.  But all these other interests seem to keep me from sleeping in it.  I just can’t seem to make myself get into it even though I do love it.
    So I guess I’ll rephrase a favorite corny poem that my dad used to say each spring:
        Spring is sprung
        The grass is riz   
        I wonder where
        My sleep time is.
‘nite all.


  1. I don't believe in boredom either.

    And also, if Prednisone is not the devil, I'm pretty sure Daylight Savings Time is.

  2. hey i like your blog, mine is kind of a what i am doing at the moment one too. but hey its fun! i tryed to follow yours but it wont open that page for me. may be my PC i will try later