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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blogging Magic

     Learning to blog is nothing.  Learning to set up a blog is almost more than my middle aged brain can comprehend.  I don't know enough about computers to understand html and "redirect here" and check your "widgets" and configure your "wooglies" to coordinate with your "zibnots".  Maybe I've finally got it right and this will post the way I want it to.  
     In education, we pride ourselves on being life-long learners.  I'm not sure I'll live long enough to really understand the technical side of computers.  I'm not even sure that I really want to understand the science behind it.  I prefer to simply think of it as magic.  You know, like how the telephone works...magic.  I mean, how do we really transmit voices over those little wires or beam them to satellites?  Magic. It's all part of the wonder and mystery of the universe.  I think we all need a little magic in our lives.  We don't really have to understand all of the millions of tiny little ins and outs of everything, do we?  So long as the people at Sonic understand how to operate the ice tea machine and put extra peach in mine...everything else can be magic as far as I'm concerned...life is good.
     I'm much more of a romantic (in the classical sense) than I am a scientist.  As Jeannine knows, I don't do higher math.  I don't need to understand the science behind numbers, and as long as my calculator works, I don't need to understand the science behind it either.  I'm glad that there are scientists; I just don't want to be one.
     So, maybe what this blog is about is that everyone doesn't have to be an expert on everything.  It's ok to admit that there are some things that we don't know anything about, that we don't understand, or that we don't even care if we understand.  It's ok to say that you're not all that well-rounded and that you understand some things better than others.  I sort of wish that I had reached this stage of my philosophy earlier in life and that at a much younger age I had felt comfortable admitting ignorance of some subjects (well, really, a great many subjects).  I wish I had felt comfortable admitting that I know a great deal about some things and practically nothing about others.  I wish that I had felt comfortable saying that I believe that some things are just "magic".

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