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Sunday, February 27, 2011


     Once again, I am rearranging my craft room.   I know, I know...I am never satisfied with it.  Were it twice as big, then I might be satisfied, but probably not.  I'd just have twice as much stuff.  This weekend I have been boxing up books that I will never read again that I have kept on the shelves out of sentamentality, and I am giving that shelf space over to getting my craft supplies off of the floor.  I have taken an old, tall metal tool chest with lots drawers in it out of the barn to put my stamps in, and I'm definitely liking the way it looks in here.  It's sturdy, and it doesn't lean the way the one on wheels did.  The one on wheels is going to the barn tomorrow...not tonight...it looks as if it might rain any minute, and I don't want to be wrestling with a leaning thing on wheels out in the rain.
     I have so many craft supplies; you would think I would craft more.  Sometimes I think I'm more of a collector of craft supplies.  I have collected so many things over the years: books, records, tapes, cd's, little village buildings, dishes, cats...it goes on and on, but I don't think I've collected many hearts.  I have loved and do love many people: Stacey, Nicholas, Jessica, Jonah, Havah, Mother, Dad, my brother and his family, Janie, Auntie, Jeannine...the list goes on, but I don't think I've collected them, not really...not to keep.  How does one keep people?  They grow; they change; they move away; they die. 
   I'd like to keep people.  I'd like to keep them near me.  Sometimes I'd like to keep time in a bottle the way Jim Croce wanted to, but none of us can.  I sometimes look back on especially wonderful times in my life and become a bit Faustian in my outlook.  Maybe I'm getting old, maybe I'm just getting sentimental, or maybe it's the novel I finished a few minutes ago, but oh, I would like to keep the people that I love.  I'd like to collect their hearts and keep them forever near me.
     But, the only heart you ever really collect is your own.  It would do me well to remember that and to make sure I'm truly happy with mine.

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